Oliver Ripley Biography

Oliver Ripley is an international serial entrepreneur who is involved in business ventures across multiple industries, including technology, real estate, agriculture and hospitality. Born in the United Kingdom, Mr. Ripley is fluent in six languages and was educated at Eton College and Oxford University. He is the co-founder and CEO of Ocean Group, a private investment company investing in businesses across high-growth industries. Mr. Ripley also founded Ocean Group’s private equity division, Kronos Capital, and has built the group’s agricultural business in Southern Russia. With his avid interest in private aviation, Mr. Ripley has turned Ocean Sky into one of Europe’s largest private jet companies. At present, Ocean Sky operates aircrafts and owns airport terminals across the UK, Italy and Spain.

Oliver Ripley serves as the founder and CEO of Black Ocean Group, overseeing the enterprise’s strategic development and international expansion. Mr. Ripley has helped build up the company’s reputation as one of the major investors in startups across the media, e-commerce and online communities. He has adopted a hands-on approach when working with the various startups Black Ocean has invested in, to ensure their long-term success. Currently, Oliver Ripley spends his time between Black Ocean’s international offices in Europe and the U.S.

Oliver Ripley is also the founder and CEO of Habitas, a company looking to disrupt the hospitality industry with its innovative business model and the bespoke experiences it provides. As the head of the company, Mr. Ripley is committed to building a global home for a global community. Having laid the foundations of Habitas in 2014, he has since managed to connect people who share the same interests in music, food and art. Habitas has been created with the aim of activating a global membership program, through the development of residential facilities and hotels in the cities where people live, work and travel to for fun.

Aside from his interest in hospitality and digital innovation, Oliver Ripley is also an avid philanthropist. This passion led to the launch of Habitas Rise, the charity and activation arm of his hospitality company Habitas. The projects organised by this foundation aim to identify disadvantaged communities that have been negatively affected by social and political challenges and set up better cultural infrastructures.  With Habitas Rise, Oliver Ripley has succeeded in offering alternative forms of aid that focus on cultural empowerment, while also addressing people’s need to feel connected and as a part of a wider community.